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Information on Global Messaging Services (Glovile) for town communities
Company Information
Global Messaging Services (GMS) was founded in 2011 in Kenya.
We are licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to offer affordable SMS solutions.

We offer SMS and Internet based services to:

  • Businesses, SMEs, Universities, Schools and other organisations.
Our Moto: Don't be the last to know!
Glovile - stands for Global Village: We are all in one global village.
Tel: 0115-31-4445

Glovile SMS Solutions
  1. Inspiration quotes, News alerts, Sports news, Business to person SMS (Bulk SMS) and Short Codes.
Town Communities
Possible Uses of Glovile SMS Services - The Premium SMS is best suited for this service
  1. Enable members of your community living in other parts of the country to check events at home by sending an SMS.
  2. Community members can choose someone to post news about their town.
  3. Choose a business man or woman, assistant chief or another person who dwells in the town.
  4. Towns include Market areas, townships and towns.
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