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Terms and conditions

    Global Messaging Services Ltd (GMS) is licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) - former CCK - as a Content Service Provider (CSP).
    We are bound by the CSP code of conduct and agreement as well as laws and regulations defined in the Kenyan communications acts and ICT acts.
    We are also bound by agreements with mobile operators whom we connect to send SMS to end and receive SMS from end users.

    By using services offered by Global Messaging Services Ltd and its partners you agree to be bound by the regulations defined by the bodies, organs and organisations mentioned above.
    You also agree to abide by laws, rules and regulations defined in any other country to which you may send or receive SMS.

    In addition to the above Global Messaging Services Ltd prescribes the following terms and conditions.

  1. GMS will ensure the security of your information that is stored on our servers.
  2. GMS will not disclose personal end user information such as mobile numbers and names to other parties without your consent.
  3. In the event user information is to be used for statistics and other purposes GMS will not disclose personal user information, but will make use of aggregate data that does not reveal the identity of any user.
  4. Personal user information i.e. mobile numbers and names will only be visible to the user and the administrators of communities where a user is subscribed.
  5. GMS will not send premium content to users who have not subscribed to or requested the same by SMS.
  6. GMS allows users to unsubscribe from both premium and sponsored services using SMS, by calling customer support and by directly contacting the administrator of the community you wish to opt out from.
  7. GMS will never call, SMS, send an email or use any other means asking end users to send money or pay for rewards and awards.
  8. These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time.
Publisher Terms of Use

In addition the terms and conditions organization (community) administrators and publishers are bound by the following terms of use.

  1. May only send SMS or publish web content with information that is relevant to members of their community.
  2. May not send SMS or publish web content that contains hate speech, threatens anyone promotes illegal or outlawed activities.
  3. May not send SMS to mobile numbers that do not belong to members of their community.
  4. SPAM or fraud SMS is prohibited.
  5. Marketing and sales SMS may only be sent from business communities to members who have given concent to receive messages.
  6. Political messages of all types are strictly prohibited.
  7. This service may not be used to annouce or co-ordinate industrial action, strikes, riots and other outlawed activities.
  8. Messages with adult content or alchohol, drugs and cigarettes are strictly prohibited.
  9. Global Messaging Services may enable or disable certain features offered with SMS services.