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Information on Global Messaging Services (Gloville) for communities
Company Information
Global Messaging Services (GMS) was founded in 2011 in Kenya.
GMS offers affordable SMS solutions to:
  • Educational institutions: Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Registered worship communities: E.g. Churches.
  • Healthcare institutions: Hospitals, clinics, health centres, GPs, pharmacies and chemists.
  • Organised communities: villages, estates, townships, suburbs, associations.
  • Registered businesses: E.g. Supermarkets.
  • Government institutions: Ministries, departments, counties.
  • Non-governmental organisations.
Our Moto: Don't be the last to know!
Gloville - stands for Global Village: We are all in one global village.

Gloville SMS Solutions
  1. Sponsored SMS (default) - The community (organisation) pays for messages sent to members.
  2. Straight budget (premium) SMS - Members pay for SMS received from their community. A straight budget SMS is only received if the member has sufficient airtime on their mobile account or Gloville credit.
  3. Hybrid SMS - Combines sponsored and straight SMS billing features.